Sunday, March 20, 2011

You're Busted!! By Chevylee

On Thursday 10th March room 6 got robbed at 3am. 2 computers got stolen. A policemen came called Constable Colin and he showed us how to do a hand print and he used black paint/white paint to see it properly. He used this thing to take the hand print off. Constable Colin showed us great experiments...


  1. Hey Chevy-Lee

    Great blurb and your title was funny because it was like we actually caught who ever broke into our class....

    Great Work!!!!

  2. Hi Chevy-Lee

    Chevy-Lee think again!Your Busted!!I hope you get into trouble not me because I will get on to you and you don't know me in the inside!!

  3. Hy Chevy-lee

    I really like your blurb and your title to.
    Keep it up !!!