Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eek! Our Teacher is a Monster! by Miss Day

Actually, when Room 6 saw this dyed self-portrait I quickly did of myself, they said I looked like Fiona, from the movie 'Shrek'. Thanks kids!!
Thankfully, my class are much better artists than I am, and have produced some amazing work. Two pieces that have impressed me are Nicola's pencil sketch of herself and Puke's self-portrait dyed face. Keep up the great work, Room 6!
Look out in the coming weeks for other Room 6 artists showing off their self-portrait posters on our blog.


  1. Hi Miss Day
    I like your blurb and the tittle.

    From Tienira

  2. Hi Miss Day

    You don't actually look like a freak if that's what you mean....You look great....You have got great detail and I now know what you mean by "Put more detail into it".....

    For a new student like you a think you've got great sence of humor!!!

  3. Hi Miss Day.(Fiona)I liked it how you completed your dye potrait and how you used diffrent colours like green,orange and blue.

    By Quaid

  4. Hi Miss Day

    I like your picture and your title keep up the good work


  5. Your awesome Miss Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!