Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grumpy Riley by Tyla

This is a photo of me smiling and Hope's sister Riley frowning at our school picnic. We were taking a walk on the sandy Eastern beach when we ran into Miss Day. Riley grunted to Miss Day under her breath and frowned at the camera. In the first photo Riley looked away. In the second photo she grunted. In the third photo she frowned into the camera.


  1. A great photo. The smile shows that you were enjoying the day. This photo will also appear in the foyer display.

  2. Hey Tyla

    Great you got there...You had a great photo with Riley and your smile was bright like the su

  3. Hi Tyla

    I think your title of your story is a great title and I like how you wrote your story, because I liked your words you used like grunted and frown.

    By Lavinia

    P.S Really great story

  4. Hi Tyla
    I really like the tittle that you say that Riley is grumpy and I all so like how you say that that little cute baby is Riley.

    Well done

  5. leila said...
    hi tyla
    I lov your title it's outstanding.keep the good work up.

    p.s cool story