Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Detective Paterson by Jahvana

In this photo Jahvana is having a photo in front of Detective Colin's car. He's not just any detective, he's a Super Detective. He came to our school because a bad situation happened last week and I don't even want to talk about it. But with all his help we're back to normal. Thank you Detective Colin for all your help!


  1. Hy Jahvana

    I really like you tittle and you blub dut what does detective means?

    Keep it up !!!!

  2. Hi Jahvana

    I really like your tittle you have made about the police car>

  3. Yes it was all very unfortunate. Hopefully the Police are not to far away from catching these people. On the upside it sounded like you had a really interesting visit from the Police.

  4. Quaid said...

    Terrific Job Jahvana !You are a very good at STEALING!!!!I just want to say Awesome Job!!Don't get into any more Trouble!!