Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slepping Tigers - by Tienira

On our way back to school from the school picnic, Room 6 and 5 had a competition to see which class is the best at sleeping tigers. I was sleeping with my mouth open and some people in Room 5 were talking at the back. Some of the Room 6 people at the front of the bus had their mouths wide open until we were back at school!


  1. Hi Tienera

    Great blurb and your photo was so funny.....The title actually suited your photo...


  2. Hey Tienira

    hi Tienira I like your expression and how I felt like I was there

  3. Hey Tienira

    I liked how you discribed what you
    were hearing and doing in the bus
    on the way to school.

    By Adam.

  4. On the way back to school we are sleeping tigers. And the teachers are taking photos of us.But some of us couldn't sleep that fast!


  5. I liked what how you were sleeping it was funny.And i really like your blurb is really great.And you might want to work on putting in one word once because you put in some two times which is ok i think.

  6. Hi Evryone

    Thank you for writing such a nice comment on my very first work thank you very much.