Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hall of Fame by Suliasi

Hall of Fame:
Cola is an international coach for little league baseball, so I wonder what is he doing at a primary school? Maybe he saw our baseball skills and wanted to show us better and badder skills... like the right way to hold a bat like the professionals do and show us how to make sure you catch the ball properly?


  1. Hey Suliasi

    Awesome title and your blurb was really funny!!!!!There are some words that describe you as I was reading your blurb...

    Awesome Blurb,Great Work!!

  2. Hi Cola,you are so great at playing softball.It is cool playing with you

  3. Dear Suliasi

    You'r tittle is really funny and you did a great job on wrighting about Cola.
    Well done !!!!

  4. hey suliasi,guess what i think your right and i think that cola came because he wanted to get taught by us and guess what i'm your sister. by Fine

  5. Hi Cola

    I'm Sure you have had a lot of training to be able to be a (national)Baseball player out on the feild and thank you so much for teaching us to be a good player on the feild and also of the feild and Suliasi,I dont know what to say !!!Great job!