Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goal!!! By Teagan

Hi, my name is Teagan and my friends and I were playing an interesting game of soccer, it's like we were in the World Cup. Tyler brought Tristan's Dad's friend to come and play with us. He had some good soccer skills: passing the ball, dribbling - even shooting. My team knew that he was going to be a tough challenge when he came along. Their team scored easily, but we were still in front just by a little bit. Yes we won 5-6 - it was a good game!


  1. Hey Tegan

    Great blurb you've got there...I really liked it when you said its like we were in the world cup...

    Great Work!!!

  2. Hey Tegan

    Awesome blurb and I also like your title and I also like that your team and the other team had a good game.

    From: Tienira

  3. Hey Teagan

    Aww! I wish I could of been playing soccer then but I was some where else. Keep up the great work!