Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're Playing in the Rain!! By Stefanie

This is me on the right dancing in the rain. I was kidding - welcome to Water World! I'm happy because we have just been on the water slide. It's dark inside it. Well, I have to get on with the subject, water was splashing and it was just like a dream come true. It was our last day of swimming, so Miss Day said, "Let's do something fun!". So we had all this shooting, running, screaming and many other fun water things!!!!


  1. Hi Stefanie

    Great blurb you got there...I loved your title because it looked as you were having fun and enjoying yourself and also because it did look as you all were having fun....

  2. Dear Stefanie

    Liking the tittle and really great blurb.

    Keep it up.