Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Hydrosliders! By Chevy.

On Monday 28th February Rooms 6/7/5/and 8 went to the Panmure Pools. We got to go on the hydroslide. It was a teriffic day. We had an awesome time - there were screaming people, just because they were excited. In this video there are people going down the hydroslide, showing their confidence by going down. The best part when we were waiting was we saw people just standing there being very patient. It was an awesome day...

P.S if you watch this you may see yourself having an exciting last day of swimming!


  1. Hi Chevy-lee

    Great work.I liked your blurb and your title...

    Keep up the Good work!!!

  2. Hi Chevy

    I really like your blurb about the hydroslid.

    Keep it up !!!!!

    From: Tienira