Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sleeping Tigers by Jedidiah

Hi, this is Henry and he is sleeping on the bus. He is poking a tongue out to the camera. Henry is tired from swimming and playing at Eastern Beach for our school picnic. He is having a nap and is quiet as a mouse. I think he looks funny.


  1. Hi Jedidiah
    I really like what you wrot about Henry.And I like your tittle.

    Well done!!

  2. Hi Jedidiah

    Henry looks very funny slepping on the bus.I liked your ending it was very funny.

  3. Hey Jeddidiah

    Great blurb and you chose a really funny looking photo...

    Great Job!!!!

  4. Hi kane your blog about Jayden and Bradly Is cool because when I read It I used my owen exspression and to me your blog fun to read.