Thursday, September 30, 2010

Computer Learning - by Mahdia

On Thursday night my mum and I were going to Panmure Bridge Library.
My mum chose a computer, and told me to go on my wordle and
said, ''I'm really impressed. Let's go home''. I agreed with her and
went home.

My Little Baby Hat! By Candice

In this photo this was my hat when I was a tiny baby!
I was also premature that's why my hat is so little!
I was three pounds!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Duffy Day - by Tienira

On Thursday the whole school walked to the hall
for a very special Duffy Assembly. After the Duffy
Assembly some people gave out some Duffy
books and my Duffy books were "The Magic
School Bus" and "Scooby - doo".

Goldilocks- by Tyla

Have you ever heard the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"?
Well if you haven't read closely. This is Goldilocks
and she is very very happy because the three bears let her go.

(now you should go and read the story yourself!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Stole Kanye West's Glasses By Arianna

In this photo Arianna is trying out glasses that we will use in our presentation about weather. I think she was looking outside wondering, "Why am I inside modeling instead of playing in the sun?" Well, Miss Day only took one photo of her and she only modeled one item to help with the props.

The Duffy Kid - by Paenganui

The Duffy kid looks stunning because he has two new books and looks like he loves reading his books. He enjoys reading non-fiction books like these two new books.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Speech Competion By Maria

When I won the speech competition I was amazed. It had been through a really hard term of research, sorting and writing as well as re-writing. Many students tried as hard as I did to even get to the semi-finals. The judges at the semi-finals were intense but fair. They had a hard job judging because all the semi-finalists were amazing. Then they called the finalists a few names had been called out, I hadn't yet heard my name. Then I heard it - I was speechless. I never thought I would get this far. Then a few days later was the finals. I sat waiting nervously in my chair while the students, teachers and parents piled into the hall. As the hall filled I knew I had to try my hardest. The juniors started their poems. Then it was time for the seniors. Some kids got called then it was my turn. I did my speech with breeze, my heart pounding inside of me. I finished and sat down. Mr Johnston called out the winners of the Juniors then the Seniors. I won first in my year group and I won first out of the whole school. I couldn't believe it - I won! Me the new girl! That is how I felt when I won the speech competition.

I Love Books- by Arianna

This photo has a girl named Arianna (blog writer) holding a book called "The Dead End". It is a book about a girl named Cassey Slatter who does not believe that she has bad luck, instead of the vacation that she planned (going to the beach). I really think the author (Mimi McCoy) has had this experience except for the myths in the story, because it is so well written. I give this book an 8/10 because of the creepy pictures on the front cover. I recommend this book to all 10-11 year olds.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ms Potato Ears-By Katopau

This is a very amusing
picture of Lavinia
with giant ears that
look like Ms Potatohead's ears.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Strangest and Most Amusing Egyptian Tai By Andew

On Wednesday 15th September 2010 my class friend Tai was introducing Egyptian relics (souvenirs) brought back from Egypt. His grandpa and grandma flew by plane or sailed
by boat to Egypt for a three week holiday. Tai also claimed that his grandparents saw
the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Sphinx and the valley of the kings. (A valley were Egyptian kings were buried) Tai did a hip Egyptian dance just after he introduced the awesome Egyptian relics. The picture above is the hip dance. (The dance was awesome too).

Big Giggly Black Beard-By Katopau

This is Black Beard and he is giggling.
His teeth are white so that means
one thing: he has brushed his teeth this
morning. Also his beard has grown and
blocked his eyes. Black Beard forgot his hat
because he might not have had any coffee this morning.

(We have been modelling costumes in our class dress-up chests so that we know what goodies we have for class dramas)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Le Grand Croissant!-Tai Ramsey

Bonjour! My title is french for: The Big Croissant! A croissant is a type french bread. My croissant has a butter & cheese filling. I love croissants. The rest of my lunch is: 1x Nutrigrain-bar, 2x california raisins. Bon Appetite!

My Amazing Car Invention- by Adam.

This is my amazing car invention called the Brentomnator.
I used this name because Bren is in some of my second name and Tom because he use to come to our school and nator because I like the movie terminator.
This is a hover car that sucks in air from the front panel. The front panel is made out of thin streaks of metal stacked on top of each other to keep it strong and firm for the suction power of the vacuum cleaner that sucks in the air to lever it in the air. That is my invention!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eye Wash by Maria

This photo was put together by Mr Torckler. It is called Eye Wash, because it looks like the eye is being washed away. It is just creative work to Mr Torckler. To me it is art. It is a luscious baby blue and it is awesome. You just look at it and you know that it was done by a true artist.

Samuel Doing The "I'm SOO Beautiful Pose" - by Samira

Tracey from Vector Safety came to talk to us about electricity. She said to us you should be aware of electricity because it can hurt you. Tracey told Samuel to wear safety clothes, to show us that electricity can be dangerous. After that she showed us a movie about electricity. In the movie the sign said 'dangerous game' and the boy played it and he went inside the game. A good superman came and said you should always not play with electricity and he listened to the superman and he got out of the game. So never ever play with electricity.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Iron Brion Burger Show - by Peata.

Hi, my name is Peata. On Monday the 30th of August Rm's 8 7 6 5 went to the hall to meet Iron Brion. When we got to the hall, the classes could smell the yummy tasty burgers. Iron Brion said ''Can we have some people to come up and do some dance and they will have some prize". So both boys and girls had to do a dance competition. Little Mac won a hat and Khorus won a hat too. So it was nearly finished but they had to do the dance to get the burger first. And the left side won. So they went to go and get their burgers first.
Thank you Iron Brion!
By Peata.

Samuel Sprinting! By Kayden

Room 6 were practising for the cross country and Samuel was caught on film sprinting around the courts.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cross Country Run- by Jimmy

On Monday we were running . We ran for about 15 minutes. I did about 40 laps. It was fun. After the run I went for a drink of water for cross country.

IronBrion Fantastic Funny Man - by Kingi

On Monday the 30th August, Iron Brion came to our school and we were laughing hard out. He did funny things like him saying a shoe instead of atchoo. We all laughed but that was an old funny joke. When Iron Brion came to our school everybody was happy and everyone was saying "Iron Brion - where's our burgers?" They were excited. When we were watching the show he would do funny things like rewinding the video. The show was funny and at the end of the show we did a dance.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Iron Brion Boogie Express - by Suliasi

On Monday Iron Brian told us that red meat
is better than white meat. Plus it gets better
we got free burgers but the most important
thing was that we always have to have a
balanced diet and that everybody has to
eat red meat.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iron Brion Express-by Suliasi

On Monday Iron Brion told us that red meat
is better than white meat... plus it gets better...
We got free hamburgers! But the most important
thing was that we always have to have a balanced diet and that everybody has to eat red meat.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Delicous Hamburgers! by Tienira

Today all of the classes went to the hall to see Iron Brion. Iron Brion told everyone about a healthy balanced diet and how it works to help us grow. Part of the show that I liked was Iron Brion and the kids dancing on the stage. My next favourite part was when Sara gave out prizes to the people who danced on the stage and answered the questions. At the end all of the show all of the classes lined up for some burgers.

Iron Brion the Staying Healthy Man!! by Stefanie

This is Iron Brion with the blue hair and the girl next to him, she is Sarah. They both told us about staying healthy. He and Sarah played games. I liked The funky dance competition. It's when the Girls and the Boys dance all over the place and there were two winners and at the end we got free BURGERS. I had a good time!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Kapahaka Group by Kingi

On Thursday the 16th of September the Kapahaka group performed on the stage and the whole school was watching us. All of us who were performing were going hard out. I was going very hard doing the actions. The boys and I were very loud we were like a giants screaming - we were very very loud. I was going hard as I can scream like a giant when I was performing my Kapahaka group dance. It was funny because its like putting our hands up like for the police. We were not smiling like other Kapahaka groups but still we still tried to perform on stage.

The Countdown by Arianna

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. We all counted back from ten until we said one. Iron Brion came running down with a huge smile on his face. He was probably thinking of the yummy burgers. Later on Brion was talking about how important our four food groups are. The first food group was meat and meat alternatives. The second food group was fruit and vegetables. The last two groups were breads and cereals and dairy products. My favorite part of the road show was the Iron Brion boogie time.

Iron Brion Doing the Haka by Paenganui

On Monday the 30th of August the whole school walked to the hall. We saw Iron Brion because we went to learn about healthy food eating. I had so so so much fun because it looked like he was doing the haka. Then we had free burger. Yummy in my Tummy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Awesome Iron Brion by Quaye

It was Monday 30th August 2010 when Iron Brion
came to our school to teach us about iron.
He told us what the four main food groups are:
meat and meat alternatives and fruit
and vegetables and... can you guess the last two?

The Night With No Kempo by Andrew

It was Thursday night in August 2010 when the event in the photo above happened. I had to finish my Kempo lesson early to come to the library for blogging night.
I was with my mum blogging on the computer(actually I was teaching my mum how to blog and how to enter our blog site).In the
middle of teaching I made a drink called Milk Tea. After teaching my mum, she made two comments on my blog.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Love of Beef and Lamb -by Jahvana.

This photo shows a sign of love and inside it says "I love BEEF+LAMB". Beef + lamb were the best meat I tried when I was a kid.

Riley the Hungry Baby -by Hope

Look she's got one of Iron Brion hamburgers - I feel hungry now!! I hope she loved Iron Brion's hamburger yum Iron Brion's hamburger is yummy for my tummy! Iron Brion is the coolest person ever. He is the one that tells us to eat healthy. He's also funny! And good at hide and seek! I wonder what's in that burger? I can imagine it's mmm!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cross Country Day by Regan

Samuel is thinking he is the man and Amethyst is walking slowly and Regan is running (that's me!) and Samuel is the (muscley?) man.

Delicious Burgers!! by Candice

In this picture my friends named Peata and Mahdia are on the bench eating a burger with me! I am the one on the end eating! The burger was delicious!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Iron Brion Roadshow by Tyla

On Monday the 30 August 2010 there was a show that was called the Iron Brion Roadshow. They came to our school to teach us about food. The first type of food they showed us was Meat and Meat Alternatives. They talked to us about how much iron there was in meat and which meat had the most iron in it.

Cross Country Rehearsal -by Howard

This was when we did the practice cross country run and I was in my 50s and It was my highest laps. It was fun and cool. I looked ENERGETIC!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


MMMH! Smells delicious! Meat patties going on our buns. Olley is holding a pack of meat patties - they smelt great. Olley was funny and he made nice meat patties! AND THAT WAS YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puffing Posers by Lavinia

In this photo my best friend and I are running our hearts out, while posing for the camera puffing out. Miss Day keeps trying to catch us on the camera but we were too fast. Then she got us!

The Hungry Mr Murray! by Stefanie

This is a wonderful person and teacher eating a yummy burger because Iron Brion came to our school to teach about staying heathy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cross Country Run by Jimmy

On Monday we were running. We run about 15 minutes. I did about 40 laps - it was fun! After the run I went for a drink of water for cross country.

Meat Munchers by Tai

Monday 30th 2010 August
Iron Brion came to Panmure Bridge School. A helper named Ollie and mothers of different children in the school made hamburgers. They had whole-grain buns, an interesting type of meat pattie, juicy tomato and lettuce. This is a photo of Andrew and I munching away!

The start of the big bash

In this movie you'll see the start of the Big Bash. It is our movie about the Christchurch Earthquake.


In room six Maria and Arianna have been filming bloopers about the Christchurch Earthquake.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Model Run by Samuel

Cross country training for the finals at St Patricks. But I suck at this. I just did it but I walked [hahahaha] so I cheated. I cut corners but the teacher snapped me for cutting corners. Man! So then after that I hated running more. When I saw the camera I was doing model moves.

Horsy Ride and Oompaloompa by Trinity

When we where practising for cross country Sam and I were doing Horsey rides called the Oompaloompa ride. Then when everyone started to copy us we stopped and made up hip-it-e-hop. Then it was the end.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fairy by Katopau

It was another day of running.
I started to go crazy. I jumped
and flapped like a bird learning
how to fly. I looked like a fairy!

The Day Iron Brion Came - by Shaye

Today we went to the hall and had a very special guest coming to teach us about healthy eating. Iron Brion!! Iron was joined by his two mates: Olly and Sarah. Iron Brion talked about the 4 main food groups, they were...meat & meat alternatives, fruit & vegetables, milk & dairy products and last but not least..breads and cereals. I also thought about why we have meat & meat alternatives - it's very sad!! We had a dance- off between 2x pupils from each class (boy and girl). The best girl dancer was Khorus and best boy dancer was McDevitt- who were two very good dancers. Then we all got up and did the Iron Brion dance or something like that! Hahahaha!!I had a wonderful time and a choice burger! Thanks Iron Brion!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The "OO My Ankle" by Trinity

When we were practising for cross country, I tried to get out of doing it because I didn't want to do it. I was too tired to do it. So I made up "oo my ankle", and then fell on to the ground because I thought I could get out of doing it (and I only did about 10, 11 or 12 laps - I think that's how many I did).

Cup Of Coffee by Katopau

It was blog night. I was sleepy.
My mum came on my computer and
I went off. So I made a cup of
coffee and I took a sip.The coffee
touched my tongue with
its flavor and awakened me.