Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jayden & Bradley the Sleeping Tigers. By Kane

After a long day at the beach we got on the bus and Miss Day said, " Everyone play sleeping tigers.'' Jayden and Bradley are sleeping very well. It looks like they're sleeping for real. Jayden is sleeping on Bradley's shoulder and Bradley is leaning against the window as it shakes -that should have woken him up!


  1. Hey Kane,great story about the two sleeping tigers. P.S.Really good story.

  2. Hi Jayden

    very good looking. You both look like two towers tiping over and over again.

    By Lyrik

  3. Hi Kane
    I really like how you say that Bradley was heting the window with his head. Ilike your tittle.

    Keep it up!!!!!!

  4. Hi Kane

    What a funny blurb...Your title was very interesting...

    Keep it up!!!