Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Village of Shells - by Quaid

Hi, this is Quaid. On Thursday the whole school went to Eastern Beach. First we made a sand mountain with shells on the edge, we called it "The Village of Shells". Behind us are the cave men.
After that we had lunch and went for a swim. Then we finally played a treasure hunt game. We had to find one rock, shell, seaweed, driftwood and feather. After we all gathered our stuff, we went on the bus and played sleeping tigers until we got back to school. I thought this was a superb day to relax.


  1. Hey Quaid

    Great blurb you got there its pretty long but good...The best part was the title because it sounded awesome...

    GREAT STUFF!!!!!

  2. hi Quaid

    I think your picnic stoy is awsome.
    I think you are useing fantastic
    words keep it up.

    by Faitele.

  3. Hi Quaid
    Very cool photo that you choose for your blurb Quaid and nice tittle.

    Great job !!!