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2012 Reflections

We all completed a PNU on our year with our netbooks, check out our individual blogs to see what we think are positives, negatives, and unusual about using a netbook.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Manaiakalani Film Festival

Room 6 has a movie playing at The Manaiakalani Film Festival today. We wanted to share some of the learning in our class but we also wanted to include some humour. During the Olympics we were learning about Greek myths and legends as part of our reading programme. We have taken the myth of Odysseus and the Cyclops and have retold it in a modern setting. Our movie is titled "Nobody".

Nobody from Joy Marie on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flight - a Prezi by Candice

I asked the little boy who cannot see by Leila

I asked the little boy who cannot see,
 ‘And what is colour like?’
 ‘Why, blue,’ said he,
 ‘Is like the freezing water, surrounding me in the pool,
 Green is the wind racing through the leaves with excitement,
 Purple must be a dark cloud sending rain drops down, And
yellow is the sweet taste of banana cake,
 The rage that people let out when they're angry; that’s red.
Pink is the fluffy candy floss that I like to eat, and
 white is the plain sound all around me as I sleep.’

Monday, August 27, 2012

The World's Best Teacher - a recipe by Samira

L.I to use the format and language features of a recipe.

Believing in you
Always there for you to help

Step 1: Make lots of friends.
Step 2: Forgive your enemies .
Step 3: Sharing is caring.
Step 4: Invite them to play with you.
Step 5: Make them happy when they’re sad
Step 6: Don’t be mean, be nice.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I asked the little boy who could not see - by Henry

I asked the little boy who could not see
“And what is color like?”
“Why red,” said he,
“Is like sitting in front of the fire at my house.
Pouring rain on a cold day that is blue.
Yellow is like the warm sun that shines down over me.
Purple must be thunderclouds fighting in the sky.  
The forest where its nice and peaceful, that is like green.
Pink is like the sweet taste of lollies that we eat on birthdays.
White is the fog that I walk through on winter mornings.
And orange is the orange drink that I have before a rugby game.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This is just to say - by Henry

I have eaten
the ice-cream
that was
in the freezer

and which
you were probably
for your dessert tonight.

Forgive me
it was delightful
so sugary
and freezing cold.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I asked the little boy who cannot see - by Kataraena

I asked the little boy who cannot see,
‘And what is colour like?’
‘Why purple,’ said he
‘Is like the tastiness of sweet juicy black currants,
The colour blue is like the feel of water running through your fingers,
Red is like the smell of roses
Bubble gum is pink;
Brown is like the delicious taste of chocolate mousse,
Orange is like eating nice, crunchy corn chips,  
and white, is like a big great lemonade ice block.’

I asked the little boy who cannot see - by Samira

I asked the little boy who cannot see, ‘And what is colour like?’ ‘Why green,’ said he, ‘Is the soft touch of the grass as I walk through it. Blue is like the smell of the salty sea. Eating a capsicum as crunchy sound that’s red. Pink is like the smell of the roses going through your nose. Purple is the colour of a juicy plum when you’re eating it. Yellow is the colour of a delicious banana peeling off the skin. And white is like the softest tissue on my nose.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Tui - a report by Kataraena

A Tui has a lot of black feathers, and it has white tuft under its chin.
The Tui is found throughout New Zealand and offshore islands. When it’s spring, the Tui birds travel further than their normal territory to feed. The Tuis go through the forest.  Tuis have good supplies of nectar from  places.
Tuis have 2 weeks until their eggs start to hatch. Parents travel to offshore island to nest. Tuis usually have 2 to 4 eggs in the nest. The only nesting season for Tuis is in November and December.
When Tui’s wake up in the morning, they sing. Their notes are croaks, coughs, and squeaks.
Their favourite food to eat is, berries, fruits, insects, nectars, moths, and spiders.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I asked the little boy who cannot see - by Roswell

I asked the little boy who cannot see,
‘And what is colour like?’
‘Why, purple’ said he, 
‘Is like the Lakers screaming at a basketball game;
Blue is when water drips from a tap;
And black is like Coca cola; the taste so sweet and fizzy.
White is what you feel when you walk into a church;
The sunrise that you feel shining upon your face is yellow;
Grey is what you smell when the taro is on the stove;
And maroon is the colour you feel at Panmure Bridge School.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tui - a report by Candice

What has black feathers and a white tuft under its chin? Well if you haven't guessed already it is a bird, a Tui. In spring, birds may travel outside their normal territory to feed. Tuis usually fly to places with good supplies of nectar. Tuis like open country and gardens. They live in a forest and scrub. So if you want to see a Tui they are usually found in New Zealand and offshore islands. Tuis are usually the first to be singing in the morning. They have a wide range of notes. Their calls are bell-like notes, croaks, coughs, and also squeaks. Tuis are most likely to eat berries, fruits, insects, and nectar. The young Tui get feed tiny insects and nectar but only for the first few days. The slightly older chicks get fed berries, moths, spiders and also large insects, they especially like stick insects. November and December is the only nesting seasons. It takes 2 weeks for a Tui’s egg to hatch. Tuis usually lay 2 to 4 eggs. Parents often move to offshore islands to have their chicks.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Tui a report by Jonathan

The tui is a bird that has black feathers.  It has a white tuft of feathers under its chin.
The tui is found everywhere in New Zealand and the off-shore islands.  They like places that have nice flowers with nectar.  They live in the forest and scrub.  They also live in open country and gardens.  In the spring the birds may travel outside their normal territory to feed.
The tui is the first bird to sing in the morning.  Their calls can go very high and very low.  Tui make bell like notes, croaks, coughs and squeaks.
They like to eat berries, fruit, insects and nectar.  Young tui are fed tiny insects and nectar for their first few days.  Slightly older chicks are fed berries, moths, spiders, and large insects.  They really like stick insects.
The parents move to off-shore islands to build their nest.  Normally they lay 2 to 4 eggs.  It takes two weeks for the eggs to hatch.  The bird only nest in November and December.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We had a great morning at Waiatarua Reserve.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

This is one of the posters we made this term about bullying and how to use your WITS.  Walk away, ignore, tell someone, and stand up for yourself.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Travelling to Whanganui by Kataraena

What happened in my holidays? We traveled to Whanganui, down the line. We travel there every year  for a celebration. When we got there, first we had to put up the tents.

After that, I went for a walk, it was fun because I got to see everyone that I knew. One night I went to see the talent show, first they had bands playing. When all of the bands finish performing, the talent quest was on, everyone was happy. There were groups of three, they were, the juniors, intermediates and the seniors. It was awesome because there were a lot of great singers. The juniors were better then the intermediates and the seniors were awesome too.

The next day it  was the main day, we  had to dress up nicely. It was a  really hot day, we had a nice feed, and we also walked to the park.

Now it was time to go home. We had fun traveling back. We did stops to see people we knew. When we got back we had to unload, when we  finished unloading I was tired so I had a rest.

I had loads of fun hope we all have fun again.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cody - I know someone who can...

I know someone who can
Do a  back flip on a trampoline and land it
I know someone who can
juggle a soccer ball
I know someone who can
throw popcorn in the air and catch it in their mouth
I know someone who can
do a front flip in a pool
I know someone who can
Throw a softball up and catch it behind their back
I know someone who can
drink a whole bottle of fizzy drink
I know someone who can
Balance a book on their head and then catch it in one hand
I know someone who can
Eat a whole bucket of popcorn
I know someone who can
Run as fast as a grown up Dog.
I know someone who can
Climb in a treelike a Monkey
I know someone who can
play X box 360 for 2 hours straight
I know someone who can
work out problems using their brain
and that someone is me

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Ups

During the holidays my brother and I went to Big Ups.  Big Ups is out by Three Kings it has inflatable soccer, gladiator, boxing, sumo wrestling, and a bouncy castle.  

When we got there we went on to the inflatable balls first and it was so much fun. They were as big as a elephant, I was so excited because I had never done it before. I had to push the ball the other way to make it stop, I fell over three times it was funny and then I made my brother trip over in his ball and I was laughing hard.

Then we went onto the inflatable soccer it was fun because it was very hard and exciting at the same time.  An exciting match.  Finally Jarred won 5 to 4.  Then we played with a adult and his son.  Jarred was with the boy and a was with the dad.  He and I won 10 to 7.  

After that we played some boxing and I knocked Jarred over two times and he knocked me over once.  It was an awesome match but the master was Cody.

Then we had an ice cream and it was delicious.  I had a trumpet.  And Jarred had an tongue  twister and he loved how it tasted delicious. My flavoured trumpet was M&M and it was wonderful.

Then we played on the elastic cord and I fell over heaps.  I could barley run after awhile I was tired like a snail that could barely move.

Then sadly we had to go home. I had a great day at Big Ups. I hope it will have an inflatable Cricket game next time I go.  I wish I could go back to Big Ups soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Fantastic Holiday

It was a sunny beautiful day so my cousin and I decided to go to the swimming pools.  I got dressed in shorts underneath my bigger shorts and put on a shirt and a jumper. I was happy to go. Then Toa walked over to pick me up.

We then walked through the alley way down the hill then started walking inside the swimming pools.

When Toa and I got there we jumped into the pools that were outdoors. The pool looked very shiny. My cousin and I did some bombing like v bomb staple and Swanton bomb in the diving pool.

I felt cold so I and my cousin went to the inside pools because it was warmer than the outside pools.
Finally it was warmer. It was perfect so I started swimming to the other side.  

Then Toa and I went home back up the hill and through the alley way and home.
. I had a fantastic time with my cousin Toa. I hope we do it again next holidays.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eastern Beach

In the holidays I went to the beach. My mum and my brother and I drove in our van.  It didn’t take long to get to Eastern Beach.  When we got there it was hot, very very hot so I rushed into the sea. It felt warm, like getting in the shower.

I was just floating in the sea, it felt relaxing. The sea was taking me away so I had to swim back to shore.  My mum was making sand castles with my brother.  I kept on swimming I dived down under the sea I opened my eyes but I only saw green water.  Then I picked up some mud.  It had a nice slimy feeling. Then I made a sand ball that I threw at the sea.  It broke into little pieces.

Then my mum told me to get changed because we were going home.  We had lunch on the way home.  I was happy being at the beach that day.

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Class photo

Here is the wonderful Room 6 for 2012