Friday, September 26, 2014

Quaid - Food Explanation

Cultural Celebration

When funerals occur, my family and I always show up at the marae. Although this is a very sad occasion, we need to celebrate the life of whoever passed away. We can celebrate this through food.

We have lots of food at funerals because it’s a good way to honour someones life. We have hangi, which usually has kumara, wild pig and sometimes ham in it. Before we eat, we say grace.  We also have our food in any order (not a sequence).

I always start with the peaches. They are a nice appetizer for me. Then I move onto the chicken and potatoes. Finally, I have the salad that my Aunty George has prepared earlier. There are two rules while eating. Make sure you have enough and to not have fizzy drinks until after you’ve eaten.

With over 60 people attending these services, someone always has to do the dishes. Being the youngest in the family, I always have to wash and dry the dishes. I don’t think that they fully understand the meaning and purpose of the dishwasher!

When someone passes away in our family, we are always willing to help. Whether it’s by doing the dishes, sweeping, making beds, or just comforting the family, it all is a big help to them.
Although this is a very sad and emotional time for the family, food is a great way to honour a life.


Saruja - Food Explanation


My sister wanted to hold a big wedding in France.  She is 25 years old, and her fiance was 26 years old.  We had the wedding last holiday. When she was getting her make up done, they gave her a red sari to wear. My friends helped us by cooking for people and helping decorate the hall. When she came out of the room people were saying that she was looking so pretty. She was happy, and sad at the same time because she was leaving all of her family member and going to her husband’s house.. Then the bride and the groom sit down in the place where the marriage will start.  

When the marriage starts. We all have to wear our culture’s traditional clothing. After the ceremony, the bride’s family pulls on a feast for the groom’s family. For dinner we serve rice and dal (curry) as the main dish, and roti, chicken, and biryani as the side dishes.  After lunch the guests leave, then the bride’s family and groom’s family share our cultural food called paniyaram. When my sister and her husband leave my mum gave them sweets to wish them happiness. She made, Ladu, Barfi, Gulab,  Jamun, and Pahara for us to eat.

When we finish eating pahar after my sister’s wedding, we went to the Indian tailor shop where we can brought a sari for my sister, as a present because we forgot to give it to her yesterday.  My sister really liked those sari and when she tried it on she looked so beautiful. After that we went home  and mum decided to cook curry to eat for dinner.

When we finished our dinner. Mum was making rice and curry for tomorrow, because my family and I  were going to the temple for prayer, and we have to give food for the god first, after that we can eat our food. When I were leaving I saw a bowl of ladoo and it was so big . I said to my mum “Can you buy ludoo for me when we go shopping?”  She said “Yes”. Then she brought me the ladoo and I shared it with my sister. It was tasty and good to eat.

I really liked my sister wedding in France. The wedding was big and well in France. My friends came to help us by cooking for the guest and helping decorate the hall for the wedding. Then the bride and the groom sit down in the place where the marriage will start. She was feeling happy, and sad at the same time because she had to leave all of her family member and go to her husband’s house.


Amato - Food Explanation


At Christmas we cook food and eat and I enjoy having Christmas once a year with my family. The men put down an umu. The ladies always make the desserts. Christmas is special to me because I celebrate it with my family.  

At Christmas my dad, brother and I go into the back yard to roast two big pigs, but only one at a time, sometimes my family will let me help them cook the pig. After the pigs are done we wrap them in foil so That it is still warm when it's time to eat. Then we put it on the table in the front. After all the pigs are roasted we cook lamb, Kumra, potato. After That my mum and my sister cook in the kitchen.

My sister and my mum make fruit drink with a lot of fruit and put it outside. After thatthey move on to baking a chocolate cake and they 'always put a lot of icing all over the cake. Then my mum goes and chops up the fish and puts it into the pot, this has to cook for 2 hours. After That we eat and invite family members.

We invite our cousins ​​and my uncle and my auntie to come and eat. It is a yummy feast at Christmas. We wait until it is dark, then we open our presents, I got a rugby ball and a new bike for Christmas.

I enjoy having Christmas once a year with my family and I enjoy eating the food that my family and I make together.

Wiremu - Food Explanation

Saint Patricks Day

Every year on March 17 there is a celebration called St Patrick’s day. It is the festival of the Patron Saint. My uncle does the table. He puts the white or green cloth over the table so that its ready to put the food on. My mum and sister make the pudding.

When you set up the table you might need to have a white or a green table cloth so that the food could go on the table. The food you need to have is anything you want to have on the table, you must have filled up the table so that the people come to celebrate get filled from eating. You need pudding. Also everyone needs to wear green.

The reason why you have to wear green is because it is the favorite colour of St Patrick. If you don't wear the colour green then you don't celebrate St Patricks day. When my family and I finish our family fest from St Patricks day. My cousins and I play outside while my mum and aunties, get the dessert ready.

My sister gets the table ready for the pudding.  we have, chocolate, biscuits, cake, ice cream, and marshmallows. When we finish our sweets we have a play outside. We play cricket, baseball, and if we have spare time we play soccer.  We invite family members and some friends to come play as well.

I enjoy St Patricks day because it is the day I wear my favorite colour.  We celebrate as a family.


Isabella - Food Explanation


My family always goes big when it comes to weddings. At the wedding we always have some traditional food. Sometimes the people getting married would allow children at their wedding. We always make sure that the food is out to the people in time, so that there are no complaints. Some of the food we have at weddings are traditional tongan foods like pig, roast lamb, roast pork, we also have otai (Fruit Drink).

Whenever we have a wedding my family always makes sure that we have otai. I like the way my nana makes it, because she adds in mango, pineapple, watermelon. She makes it in a big container, so that there would be enough for everyone. A lot of people always love my nana’s otai. One of the other traditional foods we have is, puaka (Pig).

Pig is a traditional food we have at special events. My dad, grandpa, uncle, and some family friends, always cook the pig by hand. Whenever we have a big wedding, everyone asks “Where is the pig?”, it is that important. While people are getting their food, there is always someone cutting the pig at the same time. Sometimes when the children are allowed at the wedding they have food that the little kids can eat.

Since children are allowed at the wedding, there would always be food that little kids can eat. They would say “Kids that are 12 and over, pass as an adult, and if you are under that you are a kid”. Some of the foods they have are, Chop Suey, Chinese Food, Finger Food, and things like that. They love having kids over, but sometimes they only allow the family kids.

My Family always makes sure that every wedding we go to or host is the best wedding that anyone has been to. These are some of the foods that we always have at a wedding. My Favourite is the Otai. My Family always goes big when it comes to our family weddings.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Complex Sentences

Throughout the week, Room 6 has been working on Complex Sentences. To have a Complex Sentence, you need to have an extending phrase.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Saruja - I remember

I remember as if it were yesterday.

I remember as it were yesterday, when my family and I went to a television shop to buy a big television for my Dad’s birthday. I saw lots of big tv’s at the shop.  I really like those televisions some had a stand to put it on, like a table.  When I asked my dad
“Can you buy a big television?”
Dad said “Yes my Dear.”

I was so happy because after that, my dad brought a big television for me. I was very happy and I told my friend that I had a big television at home.  After that in the mornings I was able to watch a cartoons with my brother.


Amato - Soccer

Soccer is a really famous sport around the world because there are 200 countries that play Soccer. 250 million players play this game in the world. It is a fun way to pass time.

The rules to Soccer are you are not aloud to touch the ball with your hands, you are not allowed to jump at an opponent, you are also not allowed to push the opponent and you're not allowed to spit at an opponent. To play, you need to know all the positions too.

The positions are Center back, Left back, Right back, Midfielders, Left wing, Right wing and Striker. The Striker is my favourite because he gets to score all the goals. A good example of a striker is Lionel Messi he plays in the forwards for Argentina and he scores a lot of goals. You also need to know how to kick the ball.

To kick accurately , you have to use the inside of your foot. The power of the kick depends on the skill level of the receiver. Also you should spread out so that when you get the ball you have lots of room to run around.

250 million people and 200 countries all come together every 4 years for one aim. That aim is to compete in the FIFA World Cup. I hope that you have learnt something from this explanation.


Andre - Getting AFF

Getting in AFF
(Auckland Football Federation)

I remember it like it was yesterday that my soccer coach nominated me to go to trial for AFF (Auckland Football Federation) I was really excited and really happy when I found out on my dad’s email. The trial was on Sunday at Western Springs. When I first got there I went to see my name on the paper sheet and I told the girl my name, after I told her my name she gave a bib with a number and it was a green bib. I went on the field for a warm up. After warm I went to line up with the green bibs, so the people with green bibs are in my team.

The first game we were playing against the blue bibs team. I played really well, the first game ended and I didn’t know if we were done. I asked one of the coaches, he told me there were 3 more games to go. I went for a drink then came back to the coach. The coach told all of us our next game. My team were playing against the yellow bib game. The third game My team played against the orange bib team. The last game my team played against pink bibs team. After the game ended, We went to the coach and he told us that he will be telling us who is going to get in AFF about next week.

Everyday I would check my dad’s email to see if the AFF coach had emailed my dad if I got in. A week later I came back from school and went on the computer to check my dad’s email. I saw the email called AFF. I clicked on it and it said that I got in the AFF. I was really happy. I told my dad and my dad was also happy. I remember this like it was yesterday.