Friday, March 18, 2011

The Results by Teagan

This is what faces look like when they're confused. My name's Teagan, and I'm a little bit confused too because one person is getting 4 medals at our School Swimming Sports. Leila got 4 golds and was very happy. I didn't get any medals but I tried. Tyla got 4 golds and one silver. All the people who got medals were concentrating and focused ready to win. People had red noses from the cold water like me, and some people's teeth were shaking and shivering. I had fun though!


  1. Hi Teagan

    What a crack up blurb and the most funny part was the ending....The thing I can't stop doing is reading this over and over again....

    Great stuff Teagan!!!!!

  2. Hi Teagan
    I really like your title and your blurb.

    Well done and keep it up.

  3. Hi Teagan,

    Was awesome to read your work again Son - I thought this was quite funny especially when you said that you were confused. Next year maybe you might be lucky enough to get a medal. I'm sure you tried your best anyway.


  4. Hi Teagan

    I really loved Your post.