Saturday, April 30, 2011

Artist in Room 6! By Tiaan

Hello readers, my name is Tiaan and guess what? Miss Day's friend Jeff came to Room 6 because he is a great artist, in drawing too! On Friday he came to with his pencils, paper, his mother's mother's drawings and of course his sense of humour. In this picture Jeff was showing hands that took him eight hours to sketch.


  1. Hi Tiaan

    What great detail you've got there and your blurb was so interesting...I bet you the sketch was awesome.

  2. Hey Tiaan

    What a wonderful blurb but you have check it to see if there's any mistakes because I saw some.

    From Lavinia

  3. I hope you liked my blog post :):-):):-):):-)

  4. Hi Tiaan

    I really like your title beacause your like telling people who is the artiste in room6, and I also like what you wrote about Jeff.

    Keep that great work up!!!

    From: Tienira