Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Eye- by Lyrik

Hello my name is Lyrik and this is me drawing Regan's eye. It was very very difficult because you had to do it very light, then we had to do it very hard and after that we actually had to do another eye.


  1. Hi Lyrik

    I get what you mean about drawing the eye because it does get harder and harder...I hope you learnt something new.

  2. Hi Lyrik

    I really like your title beacause you are drowring a eye.
    I also like your blurb about Regans eyes.

  3. Hi,Lyrik

    I really like your eye it looks great.

    P.s keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Lyrik

    I hope your eye worked out good and I hope you learnt something. I think you have to write a bit more because that was small you should write why you were drawing a eye.

    From Lavinia

  5. Hi Lyrik its me Faitele

    Hi Lyrik the thing I like about you and your big eyes staring on the poto and you foucsing on your work

    By Faitele

  6. Whats up Kane here

    I have to agree with you it was hard to draw someones eye any way you keep up the great work.