Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tamati and My Super Duper Artwork! By Tiaan

Hi, my name is Tiaan and in this video Tamati, Adam, and I were talking about my artwork. Oops! Sorry I did not tell you about Tamati Coffey being at our school . Yes, that was what I said Tamati came to PBS and talked to me, and on top of that I was on One Breakfast Weather News. At the end Tamati pulled a really bad joke, but that did not stop one of the best moments in my entire life time.


  1. Hi, Tiaan

    You really look awesome in that video and you had a lot of exprition's and I allso like your title beacause it is about your art and you call it that. Keep it up :-)

  2. Hi Tianna

    What really great art you've got there and I agree on what you said about looking like a ZOMBIE!!!!!

    Great work!!!