Monday, April 4, 2011

The Super Duper Apple Crumble!!! By Tiaan

Hello my name is Tiaan and I go to a great school - Panmure Bridge School! These two twins Quaid and Kyra are close to me in friendship. I think that the apple crumble they ate must've been delicious! Why were they eating apple cumble on Friday, you ask? Well they were eating it because their lovely teacher gave them lots of apples and told them to make an apple crumble as a joke but they took her seriously and made one and ate it with her!


  1. Hey Tianna,

    Great blurb and your title was really good because it had some funky words...

    Great Work!!!

  2. Hey Tiaaqn
    Awesome blurb and nice title.

    Keep it up !!!!! :-)