Monday, April 11, 2011

We Shall Take Over The Weather by Jahvana

Room 6's Wonderful Weather Team.

Hi there! We are the Panmure Bridge School News Presenters and we had the opportunity to present our weather...As you can see, we all look as beautiful as you think and you might remember one of the characters from last year, I'm standing next to him... Give a round of applause for Mr Jando!!!But that's not all.. I'll introduce you to the famous Beyonce girls and of course the HAWAIIAN GIRL - ME!!!Well thank you, Tamati for giving our school the opportunity to be on T.V...YOU'RE THE BEST!!!But we have a Warning - we are taking over the WEATHER!!!!!!HAHAHAHA!!!!!


  1. hi Jahavan room6 shall take over the weather presenter we are really good at doing it funky

  2. leila said...

    HI Jahvana awesome title.
    Keep writing interesting stories!
    P.S Keep up the good work Jahvana!