Friday, April 8, 2011

Poi-E with Tamati Coffey -By Lavinia and Tyla

Hooray! Panmure Bridge School's Kapahaka group got to perform in front of the whole world on live broadcast TV for Breakfast Weather News with Tamati Coffey. We had to do a Kapahaka Poi performance to the song Poi-e. Some of the Kapahaka group didn't get the poi so the teachers decided to make them dance to the song Poi-e and the girls with the pois did a little pukana to the television video camera. Our Kapahaka group had a really fun time and we wish everybody could experience with us what we did!


  1. Hi its Tiaan and I really really really loved your video hope to sees you some more


  2. Hi Lavinia

    What a great blurb you've got and those people who performed you...


  3. Hi Lavinia

    What a great post on our class blog and I am hoping to see more from you!!