Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jahvana Plays Soccer With Her Broken Leg by Jahvana

Hi I am Jahvana playing soccer with a broken leg. Yes it seems weird but I really enjoyed it. Even though I had a broken leg, playing soccer was still my thing. I enjoyed playing soccer while being cripple.


  1. Wow! Im impressed, you played soccer with a broken leg and when you got to be a shark in a game there you were amazing.I really liked this blog post because it had neally every thing I needed to know!I think you could of wrote more about soccer and how you felt, but on the bright side it was awesome!

  2. Hy Jahvana

    Your title is very creative and awesome blurb.

    Keep that great work !!!! :-o

  3. Hey Jahvana

    Cool work you've got here .


  4. Hi Jahvana i didn't know you can play soccer with your broken leg.