Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tamati's Dance-Off with Room 6 - By Stefanie

Tamati and Room 6 have a Dance-Off! from TheseKidsRock! on Vimeo.

Hi, my name name is Stefanie, and Tamati Coffey came to film the Breakfast Weather show in our class last week. Afterwards we asked him if he wanted to dance to 'Single Ladies' with us and he said, "yes!" and we were joyful as we all wanted to stand next to him. It was a funny day!!!


  1. Dear Stefanie

    You did well wrighting the blurb about that video.

    Keep up the great work!!

    From: Tienira

  2. Hey Stefanie

    What a great you've gt there and you wrote really good and positive things to...

    Great Job!!!

  3. Hi Stefanie
    how are you going are you doing grate on you blog because. I look at your blog and it look's really good.

    By Tristan

  4. HEY Stefanie,you wrote an awesome was really GOOD. KEEP ON GOING BY KATARAENA