Thursday, April 28, 2011

My New Hair Style....By Chevylee.

In this picture is Chevy-lee with her hair braided. Miss Day took a picture of my new hair style that was braided. HAHA. My hair took one and a half hours to be done. NOT SO GOOD. My head was so sore because it was very and I mean very very tight.......


  1. Hi Chevy

    Great hair style Chevy.Who ever did your hear is a g great hair stylist.

  2. Wow! Watch out there's a new hairstyle in town. Haha!

    Hey Chevy lee

    What a fun hairdo I just read your blurb and I think it was awsome. I think you have a great sense of humour in this blog.

    From Lavinia

  3. Hi, I like you'r new hair style I wish I had my hair plated like that but it woul'd not suit me. Anyways I think you coul'd work on yoou'r typing, because one half hours doesn't sound right to me so you could'd work on that.