Friday, September 10, 2010

The start of the big bash

In this movie you'll see the start of the Big Bash. It is our movie about the Christchurch Earthquake.


  1. Hey Maria & Arianna,
    I like how you all acted in the weather report and I like how you used different costumes in it as well!
    I think that my favorite character is Mrs Ratahi because let alone that she is dressed weird(no affence) but her acting is the best, old woman that I have seen , played by a child(Maria)!!!
    What I liked about Arianna is that she has a sense of humor to her and she makes the audience laugh which is really good to!!!!
    What I liked about Regan is that he is a really good actor who I have never seen act before! You are usaually quiet in class though!!
    Well done and keep up the good work(all of you)
    From your best friend Imarny.

  2. Hey Maria & Arianna I like How you were acting it looks graet keep the good work up.

  3. Hi Maria and Arianna I liked how you used your coolBackround and you are good actors and so is Regan well done on your video!!

  4. Hey Maria & Arianna,
    I like how your weather report was awesome to watch.
    What I liked about Regan was a good actor.

  5. Hi Arianna and Maria

    Your filming is fabulous and cool I like the part when Arianna got the phone and almost hit Maria It was funny! And me and Samuel were laughing.

  6. HI how are you doing great speaking and talking

  7. Your costumes were very awesome and it was incredibly funny when Arianna pushed Maria onto the floor.(I saw you film the ending)

  8. Hi Guys

    What a fantastic clip you got there it looked like you's all enjoyed yourself.

  9. Dear Everyone,
    Thanks a bunch for all the comments. I love reading them. So once again THANK YOU!!!

  10. Dear Arianna and Maria.
    WOW what a video that was I enjoyed it so much because I thought it was entertaining intersting and factual!!(very factual!)The part when you guys had a argument was classic!! You used your props extremley well in all areas needed! A++ I would like to see this video clip in the movies quite soon so the whole world can see the best actres's in the entire world and universe. Your scientific laungage was very very amusing!!! I gave your movie a 10 out of 10.Keep up the good work! that'll be easy!!

    p.s. Reagan you were amazing

  11. Hi maria
    I really liked your first weather presenter and I liked how you fighted with Arianna that was good and I liked your poster.

  12. Hello Arianna and Maria

    That is amzing I have to say that is the best and I mean the best one I have seen so far I give this a 10 OUT OF 10 because you have worked really really hard to get this onto the blog and I hope I can follow what you guys well done you have done a LOVELY JOB so keep it up! So bye I have to go and make some more comments I wish I can blog to you all day but I can't!!!!!

    Stefanie your friends