Thursday, September 23, 2010

Samuel Doing The "I'm SOO Beautiful Pose" - by Samira

Tracey from Vector Safety came to talk to us about electricity. She said to us you should be aware of electricity because it can hurt you. Tracey told Samuel to wear safety clothes, to show us that electricity can be dangerous. After that she showed us a movie about electricity. In the movie the sign said 'dangerous game' and the boy played it and he went inside the game. A good superman came and said you should always not play with electricity and he listened to the superman and he got out of the game. So never ever play with electricity.


  1. Hi Samuel
    I never thought you can be a super model and that is a cool pose.

  2. hi sam you look good


  3. Hey Samira

    You had a title that made me laugh my head of and that you had a good blurb. Awesome job Samira!!!

  4. Hi Samira
    Wow you have a good blurb and I think you made a good title you should take a break from doing amzing blurb's so I hope you get more comments!!!!

    From your Friend Stefanie

  5. Sup sam whats up what you doing

  6. Hi Samira,
    When I read your blurb I couldn't believe how much you wrote and how many descriptive adjectives/words you have written into it!

    You have chosen such a great photo to write about, I would have chosen this photo to if I saw it!

    Well done!
    Keep up the good work,
    and I hope to see more!

    From Imarny