Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eye Wash by Maria

This photo was put together by Mr Torckler. It is called Eye Wash, because it looks like the eye is being washed away. It is just creative work to Mr Torckler. To me it is art. It is a luscious baby blue and it is awesome. You just look at it and you know that it was done by a true artist.


  1. Hey Maria

    You picked a good photo and that you wrote a good blurb. You worked awesome and that I can't write as much as you.


  2. Hy Maria
    I like how you say that the eye was washed by the water and I realy like your pictre.

  3. Hi Maria
    I really like your blurb about Mr Torckler's painting. Though for a smart girl I thought you could wirte a lot more than that,but the structure was great. I have the software that Mr Torckler used and my photo looked nothing like Mr Torckler's art. I think if Mr Torckler has a gift you do to it's writting great blurb's that are amazing.

    Also thanks for commenting on my blurb's!

  4. Hey Maria,
    Your blurb is absolutely amazing to read but I would have to agree with Arianna on that one!

    The photo that you chose is such a creative piece of art, I was just about to chose that photo but then you snapped your name down to quickly for me to even write my name on it(damit), it's good that you got it though!

    Your photo blurb (writing) is so interesting to read because it tells you exactly what it is but not in a boring way, like telling the reader/he/she exactly what happened like then he showed us a baby and than he sowed us how to edit it etc...

    But your writing is always cool and interesting to read, anyway!

    You should become a professional author some day(only if you are into that sort of thing)!

    From one of your BFFL's,