Friday, September 24, 2010

My Amazing Car Invention- by Adam.

This is my amazing car invention called the Brentomnator.
I used this name because Bren is in some of my second name and Tom because he use to come to our school and nator because I like the movie terminator.
This is a hover car that sucks in air from the front panel. The front panel is made out of thin streaks of metal stacked on top of each other to keep it strong and firm for the suction power of the vacuum cleaner that sucks in the air to lever it in the air. That is my invention!


  1. Hey Adam

    What a cool car you got there and that you had a good looking picture.

    Well Done!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Adam,
    It feels good to be the first one to comment on your photo blurb, I wonder why no one has commented on it yet(maybe because it is the holidays)!

    I still think, that it is cool!

    Did you draw this car by yourself it looks really inventive!

    Well done!

    From Imarny