Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iron Brion Express-by Suliasi

On Monday Iron Brion told us that red meat
is better than white meat... plus it gets better...
We got free hamburgers! But the most important
thing was that we always have to have a balanced diet and that everybody has to eat red meat.


  1. What a great fact that
    you renembered ,that Iron
    Brion told us.I loved it
    when they made burgers too.
    Keep up your great work.

    From Katopau

  2. Hi Suliasi

    I have just read your other blurb and i think this is wayyy more detailed no efence if you like the other one, because it has sentences that make me eat apples and words that make me feel like i'm in the clouds swaying!

    It would be awesome if you wrote more but your the writer. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Suliasi

    NICE BLURB,NOW I GET TO SHOUT AT YOU,na just kidding.I hope you are enjoying your holiday's....