Monday, September 27, 2010

Speech Competion By Maria

When I won the speech competition I was amazed. It had been through a really hard term of research, sorting and writing as well as re-writing. Many students tried as hard as I did to even get to the semi-finals. The judges at the semi-finals were intense but fair. They had a hard job judging because all the semi-finalists were amazing. Then they called the finalists a few names had been called out, I hadn't yet heard my name. Then I heard it - I was speechless. I never thought I would get this far. Then a few days later was the finals. I sat waiting nervously in my chair while the students, teachers and parents piled into the hall. As the hall filled I knew I had to try my hardest. The juniors started their poems. Then it was time for the seniors. Some kids got called then it was my turn. I did my speech with breeze, my heart pounding inside of me. I finished and sat down. Mr Johnston called out the winners of the Juniors then the Seniors. I won first in my year group and I won first out of the whole school. I couldn't believe it - I won! Me the new girl! That is how I felt when I won the speech competition.


  1. Hi Maria,

    Your photo blurb is so long(meaning good long)and so interesting to read!

    When you delivered your speech to the school you looked so confident about it compared to me who would be so shy!!!!

    I was in the standings hoping that you were going to win and I just couldn't believe it when you won, you did actually deserve it so well done!

    From one of your BFF's,


  2. Hi Maria

    I one of the finalist of the speech competition but my
    speech was too long that's why I did not win. But if it
    was shorter... anyway I like blurb because of your expression
    also it was interesting.

  3. Dear Maria

    you are so so good at writing with capitalis and you really good writing very long

    Kind reguards Lyrik