Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wood Tech


  1. Well done room 6. Glad you enjoyed the wood technology lessons with Mr T. Finished projects look awesome. I hear the projects fitted in well with your theme on flight.

  2. Hi Room 6

    I had a great experience at wood work.It was fun using tools i have never used before.Hope we get to do it again.


  3. Hi Room 6

    Really loved seeing all of your projects at tech. They looked really good at the end but I think some people need to work more faster.

  4. Hey Room 6 I bet you had great fun at wood tech. I'm happy that you enjoyed making aeroplanes out of woods. You guys made cool aeroplanes. I think that you guys listen to Miss Kirkpatrick and use the tools properly with out getting hurt. Yous did a good job by making aeroplanes. From Inotia

  5. Hi Room 6

    An awesome project, room 6 your planes and helicopters
    looks amazing and you guys are really intelligent
    Keep up the awesome work room 6.


  6. Good job room 6 keep up your good work.

    From Jason.

  7. Hey room 6

    I really like your wood work it look's really good

    keep up the great work

  8. Hey room 6
    I like your teak room 6 keep up the great art work I wish I did teak with you guys.

    From: Halaiano