Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Ups

During the holidays my brother and I went to Big Ups.  Big Ups is out by Three Kings it has inflatable soccer, gladiator, boxing, sumo wrestling, and a bouncy castle.  

When we got there we went on to the inflatable balls first and it was so much fun. They were as big as a elephant, I was so excited because I had never done it before. I had to push the ball the other way to make it stop, I fell over three times it was funny and then I made my brother trip over in his ball and I was laughing hard.

Then we went onto the inflatable soccer it was fun because it was very hard and exciting at the same time.  An exciting match.  Finally Jarred won 5 to 4.  Then we played with a adult and his son.  Jarred was with the boy and a was with the dad.  He and I won 10 to 7.  

After that we played some boxing and I knocked Jarred over two times and he knocked me over once.  It was an awesome match but the master was Cody.

Then we had an ice cream and it was delicious.  I had a trumpet.  And Jarred had an tongue  twister and he loved how it tasted delicious. My flavoured trumpet was M&M and it was wonderful.

Then we played on the elastic cord and I fell over heaps.  I could barley run after awhile I was tired like a snail that could barely move.

Then sadly we had to go home. I had a great day at Big Ups. I hope it will have an inflatable Cricket game next time I go.  I wish I could go back to Big Ups soon.


  1. I like you crab hand it look so cool did you done that by your self?

  2. Hi Cody.I like the way you made your build your wild self.It looks scary.And I like your story.Did you do all of it by your self or did someone help you?

  3. Hi Cody, I like your spider legs, scorpion tail and your turtle shell from your build your wild self. It looks wild, keep up the great work.

    By Cody L