Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eastern Beach

In the holidays I went to the beach. My mum and my brother and I drove in our van.  It didn’t take long to get to Eastern Beach.  When we got there it was hot, very very hot so I rushed into the sea. It felt warm, like getting in the shower.

I was just floating in the sea, it felt relaxing. The sea was taking me away so I had to swim back to shore.  My mum was making sand castles with my brother.  I kept on swimming I dived down under the sea I opened my eyes but I only saw green water.  Then I picked up some mud.  It had a nice slimy feeling. Then I made a sand ball that I threw at the sea.  It broke into little pieces.

Then my mum told me to get changed because we were going home.  We had lunch on the way home.  I was happy being at the beach that day.

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  1. Hi Jonothan

    I hope you loved your had a wonderful time at the beach. I hope you had heaps of fun. Make sure you know how to swim so you don't drown.