Monday, August 13, 2012

The Tui - a report by Kataraena

A Tui has a lot of black feathers, and it has white tuft under its chin.
The Tui is found throughout New Zealand and offshore islands. When it’s spring, the Tui birds travel further than their normal territory to feed. The Tuis go through the forest.  Tuis have good supplies of nectar from  places.
Tuis have 2 weeks until their eggs start to hatch. Parents travel to offshore island to nest. Tuis usually have 2 to 4 eggs in the nest. The only nesting season for Tuis is in November and December.
When Tui’s wake up in the morning, they sing. Their notes are croaks, coughs, and squeaks.
Their favourite food to eat is, berries, fruits, insects, nectars, moths, and spiders.

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