Saturday, August 11, 2012

I asked the little boy who cannot see - by Roswell

I asked the little boy who cannot see,
‘And what is colour like?’
‘Why, purple’ said he, 
‘Is like the Lakers screaming at a basketball game;
Blue is when water drips from a tap;
And black is like Coca cola; the taste so sweet and fizzy.
White is what you feel when you walk into a church;
The sunrise that you feel shining upon your face is yellow;
Grey is what you smell when the taro is on the stove;
And maroon is the colour you feel at Panmure Bridge School.


  1. Sup Roswell

    What a excellent poem. I really liked the part when you talk about the taro. Keep up the great work. Try and put more stuff on your blog.

  2. Sup Roswell

    Awesome poem. I like your poem and keep it up