Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Fantastic Holiday

It was a sunny beautiful day so my cousin and I decided to go to the swimming pools.  I got dressed in shorts underneath my bigger shorts and put on a shirt and a jumper. I was happy to go. Then Toa walked over to pick me up.

We then walked through the alley way down the hill then started walking inside the swimming pools.

When Toa and I got there we jumped into the pools that were outdoors. The pool looked very shiny. My cousin and I did some bombing like v bomb staple and Swanton bomb in the diving pool.

I felt cold so I and my cousin went to the inside pools because it was warmer than the outside pools.
Finally it was warmer. It was perfect so I started swimming to the other side.  

Then Toa and I went home back up the hill and through the alley way and home.
. I had a fantastic time with my cousin Toa. I hope we do it again next holidays.

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  1. Hi Mosese

    I love your holiday recount and your build your wild self it looks like you had alot of fun creating your self into a animal.