Friday, September 26, 2014

Wiremu - Food Explanation

Saint Patricks Day

Every year on March 17 there is a celebration called St Patrick’s day. It is the festival of the Patron Saint. My uncle does the table. He puts the white or green cloth over the table so that its ready to put the food on. My mum and sister make the pudding.

When you set up the table you might need to have a white or a green table cloth so that the food could go on the table. The food you need to have is anything you want to have on the table, you must have filled up the table so that the people come to celebrate get filled from eating. You need pudding. Also everyone needs to wear green.

The reason why you have to wear green is because it is the favorite colour of St Patrick. If you don't wear the colour green then you don't celebrate St Patricks day. When my family and I finish our family fest from St Patricks day. My cousins and I play outside while my mum and aunties, get the dessert ready.

My sister gets the table ready for the pudding.  we have, chocolate, biscuits, cake, ice cream, and marshmallows. When we finish our sweets we have a play outside. We play cricket, baseball, and if we have spare time we play soccer.  We invite family members and some friends to come play as well.

I enjoy St Patricks day because it is the day I wear my favorite colour.  We celebrate as a family.



  1. Hi Wiremu
    I like what you eat on Saint Patrick's Day.
    You could give me the recipe of the food then I will make them at home.
    I like to eat the delicious food from different culture's.

  2. Hi Werimu,
    I really like your story. It great to read. I like how you explain it. I think you did a nice and famulos work. Keep working hard!

  3. Hi Wiremu
    I really like your work. It's great to read. Keep up the great work.