Friday, September 12, 2014

Quaid - The Gift

The gift...
Its been 2 hours. Have they forgotten? Its my birthday for crying out loud! I began to think they haven’t remembered until...
“Happy Birthday Quaid” sings everybody in a harmonic voice. “This is for, uh, you” screeches Kyra.
“Thank you!” I pronounce in a happy tone.

Could it be? Is it really...! The best present ever! A limited edition toy robot that can adjust any body part in a slow motion. This is what I need to complete the series.


  1. Hi Quaid

    I like how you used powerful words in your story and always wanted that gift and got it Tino pai

    From Tyler

  2. Hi Quaid,

    I like it how you have used really powerful words in your story. Tino Pai Quaid, Can not believe that you really wanted that gift. Good Job Quaid and Keep it up.