Friday, September 12, 2014

Mengchun - President


President is a type of card game that you can play anywhere with a pack of cards.  It is recommended for 4 players or more, but it is also possible to play with two players.  The rules are easy, and it is a good way to pass your time if you are bored.  Once you find your cards, start with setting up the game.

Set up the game by dividing up the pack of cards evenly between the players you have.  When you’re finished there should be no cards left except the jokers.  The person with the three of clubs starts.  That player needs to put down the three of clubs.  The order of who will put down their card next will always go clockwise.  The next part is how to actually play.

After the person has put down the three of clubs, The person on his left(clockwise) will put down a card.  Their card needs to be bigger than three, for example four, six or queen.  The suit in the doesn’t matter.  Here is the order of the cards:
Smallest: 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Jack - Queen - King - Ace - 2 :Biggest

As shown above, two is the biggest number.  I suggest that you save your 2, for it can win the round automatically.  If you don’t have any cards to put down, say pass, then you’re out of the round.  The next person puts down their card.  If no one in the group can put down a card bigger than the one on the table, the person who owns the card on the table wins the round, and gets to start.  If you have two, three or even four of the same number, you can put down a double.  Lets say I have three Jacks, I put down the three Jacks to start, the next person needs to put down three of either Queen, KIng, Ace or two.  This is a great way to play your cards since it uses a lot of your cards, and other players might not have doubles or triples.  The first person who finishes using all of their cards is the president.  

Rankings are one of the special rules of this game.  President is the winner, vice president is the second, if you have 4 players then you won’t have neutral (or citizen).  The scum is the loser, vice scum is the player before scum.  Order 0f the rankings:
Winner : President - Vice Pres- Neutral(As many as you like) - Worker - Rubbish Picker ; Loser
Also, if you put down three cards in order in a row, then the next card and the next needs to be in order.  If I put down a 4, the next person puts down a 5, and the next a 6, then the next needs to be 7.  This only ends after the round is finished.

Also, in the next game, the rubbish picker gives his two best cards to the president, the president gives his two worst cards to the rubbish picker.  The worker gives him only one of his best card to the vice, and the vice gives him his one worst card.

I really like playing President, and I hope you do too.  It is a great way to pass your time with your friends or family.  The main point with President is luck.  With some good cards, even a rubbish picker can become a president.  I hope you have fun playing this game!


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