Friday, September 26, 2014

Amato - Food Explanation


At Christmas we cook food and eat and I enjoy having Christmas once a year with my family. The men put down an umu. The ladies always make the desserts. Christmas is special to me because I celebrate it with my family.  

At Christmas my dad, brother and I go into the back yard to roast two big pigs, but only one at a time, sometimes my family will let me help them cook the pig. After the pigs are done we wrap them in foil so That it is still warm when it's time to eat. Then we put it on the table in the front. After all the pigs are roasted we cook lamb, Kumra, potato. After That my mum and my sister cook in the kitchen.

My sister and my mum make fruit drink with a lot of fruit and put it outside. After thatthey move on to baking a chocolate cake and they 'always put a lot of icing all over the cake. Then my mum goes and chops up the fish and puts it into the pot, this has to cook for 2 hours. After That we eat and invite family members.

We invite our cousins ​​and my uncle and my auntie to come and eat. It is a yummy feast at Christmas. We wait until it is dark, then we open our presents, I got a rugby ball and a new bike for Christmas.

I enjoy having Christmas once a year with my family and I enjoy eating the food that my family and I make together.


  1. Hey Amato,
    I really like you Christmas Explanation.
    I've tasted Umu as well, It's very yum.

  2. Hi Amato I liked how you told us how you celebrate christmas with your family my family is like yours because we have a big feast The food that you were talking about make me hungry.
    From Gozan

  3. Hi Amato
    I really like your writing and I can see why Christmas is special for you. Except for a few mistakes it is a very good piece of work.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Hi Amato
    I really you work, but you haven't join the paragraph any way you have done a great work.

  5. Hi Amato
    Nice job on your Christmas story.