Friday, September 12, 2014

Andre - Getting AFF

Getting in AFF
(Auckland Football Federation)

I remember it like it was yesterday that my soccer coach nominated me to go to trial for AFF (Auckland Football Federation) I was really excited and really happy when I found out on my dad’s email. The trial was on Sunday at Western Springs. When I first got there I went to see my name on the paper sheet and I told the girl my name, after I told her my name she gave a bib with a number and it was a green bib. I went on the field for a warm up. After warm I went to line up with the green bibs, so the people with green bibs are in my team.

The first game we were playing against the blue bibs team. I played really well, the first game ended and I didn’t know if we were done. I asked one of the coaches, he told me there were 3 more games to go. I went for a drink then came back to the coach. The coach told all of us our next game. My team were playing against the yellow bib game. The third game My team played against the orange bib team. The last game my team played against pink bibs team. After the game ended, We went to the coach and he told us that he will be telling us who is going to get in AFF about next week.

Everyday I would check my dad’s email to see if the AFF coach had emailed my dad if I got in. A week later I came back from school and went on the computer to check my dad’s email. I saw the email called AFF. I clicked on it and it said that I got in the AFF. I was really happy. I told my dad and my dad was also happy. I remember this like it was yesterday.



  1. Hi Andre
    I really love your AFF with your coach.
    You did a Tino pai job
    Keep up your lovely work
    From Akansha

    1. Hi Andre
      I really good that you have made it to the football team make sure you keep practicing and doing some great work at school.

  2. Hi Andre
    I liked you story because of all the information you but in it.