Friday, September 26, 2014

Isabella - Food Explanation


My family always goes big when it comes to weddings. At the wedding we always have some traditional food. Sometimes the people getting married would allow children at their wedding. We always make sure that the food is out to the people in time, so that there are no complaints. Some of the food we have at weddings are traditional tongan foods like pig, roast lamb, roast pork, we also have otai (Fruit Drink).

Whenever we have a wedding my family always makes sure that we have otai. I like the way my nana makes it, because she adds in mango, pineapple, watermelon. She makes it in a big container, so that there would be enough for everyone. A lot of people always love my nana’s otai. One of the other traditional foods we have is, puaka (Pig).

Pig is a traditional food we have at special events. My dad, grandpa, uncle, and some family friends, always cook the pig by hand. Whenever we have a big wedding, everyone asks “Where is the pig?”, it is that important. While people are getting their food, there is always someone cutting the pig at the same time. Sometimes when the children are allowed at the wedding they have food that the little kids can eat.

Since children are allowed at the wedding, there would always be food that little kids can eat. They would say “Kids that are 12 and over, pass as an adult, and if you are under that you are a kid”. Some of the foods they have are, Chop Suey, Chinese Food, Finger Food, and things like that. They love having kids over, but sometimes they only allow the family kids.

My Family always makes sure that every wedding we go to or host is the best wedding that anyone has been to. These are some of the foods that we always have at a wedding. My Favourite is the Otai. My Family always goes big when it comes to our family weddings.



  1. Hi Isabella

    I enjoy reading your food explanation.

  2. Hi Isabella I like how you talk about what you eat in your family at special things. My Favorited part of this is when you take about the food and the otai