Friday, May 20, 2011

Teagan Talks in Te Reo - by Room 6 PBS

Teagan shares his thoughts on his enjoyment of being involved in the Panmure Bridge School's Kapahaka Group, run by the awesome Whaea Raewyn - who also teaches him Te Reo.


  1. Teagan

    What an awesome podcast that was and you had a bit of Maori/Kiwi Talk in there. You did an exellent job...

  2. Teagan

    I really liked your podcast and cant wait to see more of you on room6,s blog page :)

  3. Hi Tegan I really like your speach about how you felt about gonig to prefrome in front of lots of people and I like how you used your expression By Hope

  4. Hi teagan

    I think you have done a great job
    on your speech you have worked hard

    by Faitele

  5. Hi Teagan
    Its Kyra here and I liked how you spook in Te Reo also you never gave up!!!
    From Kyra

  6. Teagan

    That was a great podcast.That's more Maori than I know great job!

    By Adam

  7. Hi Teagan

    I really like the part that you went hard out for the Rotary club, and I think that you did a haka at the end with your tongue.

  8. teagan waht cup it me kevin nice one you a graet and you did a graet job you never flet shie and you never give up on your self

  9. Hi, Teagan good movie and great work! Keep it up.
    And maybe you can work on speaking a little bit up.

    From Nicola