Monday, May 30, 2011

The Rugby Super Star -By Paenganui

What a pose from Paenganui the rugby super star. We were playing ripper rugby at school for our sports day. I was a captain for my team. Sadly we lost because I just did not want to show my cool skills if you know what I mean. So come and have look our blog.


  1. Hey Paenganui

    Great verb and the title funny it was so funny I was crying so keep working but don't think about yourself or else...great blog.

  2. HIi Nui

    Your smjling and ing at the same time cool

    by Puke

  3. Hi Paenganui

    Great blurb you've got there but who said you were the Rugby Super Star??????What about us???

  4. Hi Paenganui
    I really like your title because it is a very creative and you choce the right photo, because it really your blurb maches the photo.

    From: Tienira

  5. Hi Paenganui

    I like your tittle and your blurb because it is funny and creative.You might be the next Sonny Bill.