Monday, May 23, 2011

The Chocolate Makers - by Kane

On this awesome day our group won our prize - it was making chocolate! Our whole group walked over to the school kitchen with Miss Day. When we got there, Miss Day talked to us on how you make chocolate. Miss Day had a big bag of chocolate and a two way pot - the bottom half had hot water and the top had a lot of yummy chocolate in it. Miss Day put the pot on the hot element on the stove. After a few seconds Miss Day told one of us to go and stir the melted chocolate. When that was finished we had to get into groups of 3. Each group got one spoon. We got a little plastic thing with cool shapes in it: there was a bunny, eggs - 2 big ones and lots of little eggs with little zigzags and stripes. Miss Day got the pot of chocolate and put it on the bench in front of us. We picked up our spoon and got a spoon full of chocolate and put it in the plastic mould and then we put it in the fridge. At the end we got to eat some chocolate. It was an awesome day!


  1. Hey Kane

    What a long blurb that was but very interesting and it had all the detail to...

    Great Job!!!

  2. Hi Kane ,

    Your blurb sounds mouth watering .


  3. Hey Kane!

    I liked how you described what you you did when you made chocolate it sounds like lots of fun! And it makes me feel hungry for chocolate!

    by Candice

  4. Hi Kane

    you made my mouth water like a waterfall .

    Nice job

    by Puke

  5. Hi Kane
    What a great blurb of you chocolate makes
    I Like the way that you wanted you readers to taste the mouthwatering chocolate while they were reading your story.And just by the way,It would be nice if you had a smile on your dial :-)!

  6. Hey Kane

    I liked how you described how to make chocolate.It sounded mouth watering.I'm off to the shops to go buy me some chocolate,bye

    By Teagan

  7. Hi kane?

    I liked how you described in your blurb what you done and the otgher thing ?it sounds like you had a awesome time making yummy chocolate...

    by chevy

  8. Hey Kane.

    I Really Like Your Blurb And How You Put many details on there .and how you described what you did.great job.

  9. Hi Kane

    I really like the title and the blurb but I think it is to long but it still great and it full of detail and you really explane what you reallly did on that day.

    Keep it up!!!!

  10. Hey Kane

    MMMM! YUMMY! What a mouth watering blurb. I think you did a awesome job on your blurb Kane it made me hungry for chocolate. I really like how you described what you were doing and I really liked how you described what you used to make the shapes on your eggs.

  11. Great work! Keep up the good writing. And the title is very good thinking.

    By Nicola