Friday, May 27, 2011

Pretty Face-By Paenganui

Hi my name is Paenganui and this is a pretty side shot of me. I bet you have not seen a pretty face like mine. I go to Panmure Bridge School and I am in Room 6. I like Room 6 because we get to be on television and do lots of things. So have a look at our blog!


  1. Hi Peanganui

    I really like your title and I really like the way that you call your self pretty.
    You did well on your blurb.

    From: Tienira

    Keep that great work up !!! :-)

  2. Whos the man here...What do you think you look like

  3. Ayee!!!!!

    Who said you had a pretty face ayeee.....Nah just jokes....Great blurb any ways and make the pretty face come alive...

  4. Hey Paenganui
    I really like this post so far because it is it very funny. Great work you have really stepped out of the shy Paenganui that you were last year well when you were around me. I really miss this blog and posting my work on it. You are very lucky to be in room 6. Carry on with your stunning work.