Friday, October 22, 2010

Trinity and Jimmy's Weather Forecast

My name is Trinity and I have the beany on and Jimmy has the green hat on (the right). I hope you like our movie!


  1. Hey Trinity and Jimmy
    Great topic choice! Sorry for bumping the video too much but it was the tripod! I learnt a lot from your little video. I liked how Trinty said kakite and Jimmy said ano that was epic. By the way Trinity looked like a dog because while you were speaking you were scratching most of the time.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Dear Trinity and Jimmy,
    Wow your show is great. I absolutely love the GOOD MORNING AND GREETINGS TO YOU ALL. It was something that just kind of grabs you and reels you in. It was just amazing, considering that I saw you film it. There was a lot of expression and information. Though I do think you could of smiled more because I was standing behind the camera trying to get you to smile. Oh and Trinity you were kind of fidgeting. So yeah I absolutely think you deserve a 10/10 but because of what I just wrote I give you a 9 and a half. Other then that you done a BRILLIANT job!

  3. Hi Jimmy & Trinity
    You both have chose a fantastic subject to do your weather report on.
    I really liked how you both just got straight into it and said good morning and greetings to you all, it made the audience just get really interested into it.
    Your weather news report was a bit short but it was really interesting and was filled with lots of facts.

    Well done, keep up the good work!
    From Imarny

  4. Good morning Jimmy and Trinity, well done on your new premier!! I thought your movie was very entertaing because... it was factful and funny one thing i might add is that it was a bit too short!!the best part was the greeting part haha keep up the marvellous work!

  5. Hey Trinity I liked your costumes Its amazing
    it looks like you are cold andits snowing there

  6. Hi Jimmy and Trinity

    Nice video.Did you know:That i think that your video is the best out of
    all the other video's i've watched on the past few days.