Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three News by Tienira and Mahdia

To everyone that's watching this video you might find some tips on how to become a Weather Presenter. Please enjoy this video of Mahdia and me. And we hope you learn about theChristChurch and Darfied earthquake!! !


  1. Dear Mahdia and Tienira,
    Firstly wow Mahdia I never knew you had such a loud voice you to Tienira. You girls blew me away. Oh and Mahdia you absolutely suit long black hair. Tienira suits that purple shirt. Yes I did learn a lot about the Christchurch Earthquake. I give you a 8/10.

  2. Hi
    Tienira and Mahdia that was a wonderful speech on Eathquakes Mahdia I loved how you speeked lound and clear and Tienira I love how you spoke clearly!!!!!! So I beatter go now I have to leave more comments on you's!!!!

    Form Stefanie

  3. Hey Tienira
    I really liked your expression and how you speak loud and clearly but there's a little probable you need to not stand up and movie around and don't look like at the camera really close because it doesn't look nice so just a little work on that and your going to on the right path so keep up the good work.

    By samira