Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time for fun-by Suliasi

It was Thursday 7th of October and I was
as nervous as ever before, because it was
time to battle, laser tag is one of the most
intense gaming sports because you will
come out sweating.

My Uncle, brother and I, were intense on the
playing field. We all started with 50 points
each to make it even, but... my brother and I
didn't want to play by the rules and we decided
to team up to defeat the strongest so we don't get
over taken. Nobody ended up winning after that,
we ended up having hot crispy chips and with sausages-
it was delicious .

On Friday 7th of October we went to the swimming pools. We stayed there for about 3 hours in a swimming
pool, every time I got out of the pool I looked like an old man trying to do break dancing, but I
still try to break dance like an old man, but it wasn't easy. My uncle and I did almost everything
in a pool like breathing underwater. Then we went home to movie night.


  1. Wow,
    that is amazing.
    You have a large amount
    of work and you should
    be very proud of
    yourself .Next time make it
    about your blurb.

    Great job

  2. Hello Suliasi
    I really like how you picture and I had ever see you like that before.
    Keep it up.

  3. Hey Suliasi,
    Wow you rrreeeaaalllyyy like to pose. When you get older you should be a male model. You would be a hit. Did you know I never actually knew that you could write so much on a blurb. You did SUPERB on that. Just one thing you kind of wrote Thursday 7 October on one part then you wrote Friday 7 October. So yeah you might want to recheck on that one okay.

  4. Hi Suli
    I can't believe that you have wrote so much in photo blurb, that's even more writing than me sometimes!
    What a great pose you have too.
    Well done and marvellous work,keep it up and I hope to see more.
    From Imarny